Food and Merchandise

Food options

Pre-bookable food options will be available when booking your tickets. See the full menu for 2019 here.

Catering costs:
English breakfast £5.00 per person
Lunch and dinner £7.50 per person
A number of mobile catering units will be available on centre including Chubby’s. See the 2019 menu for Chubby’s here.
The coke bar and vending machines selling sweets and drinks will be open for most of the event. These can be found in Camp Square.


We’ve prepared an exciting range of merchandise for Gilwell 24 2019, including the badge, t-shirts and hoodies. Merchandise options are available when you book your tickets. Just like our previous Gilwell 24 events, the colour will be revealed at the event.

See here the design for the 2019 t-shirt.


See here for the full range and prices.